Is this the best antique corkscrew ever found?

18th March 2022

It will be 20 years this coming April that I've been collecting corkscrews. How that time has flown & from very humble beginnings, buying simple direct pulls & such like, slowly but surely my collection has evolved into a really good one. During this time I've been super lucky to buy some amazing pieces but none better than this stunning beauty.

It is Edward Thomason's Serpent variant with crown top & in mint condition together with the original fitted leather box.

I bought it together with a fellow collector at auction & he was very generous to allow me to own it for which I will forever be thankful.

I've travelled up & down the Country, buying corkscrews for the last 20 years & many of the wonderful pieces that I've bought have put a huge smile on my face but this piece, when it was in my hands, took my breath away. I weirdly felt very emotional, something that I had not previously experienced. I guess when you collect anything you are searching for the ultimate piece & for me, this was it.

I think the pictures show just how stunning this corkscrew is, I don't think it has ever been used, noting the perfect silver plating, the mint gilding to the serpent & crown & also the bluing to the steel. Interestingly we didn't previous know that these corkscrews came in a lined, leather box.

As to whether it is the best corkscrew ever found, well that is subjective. All I know - it's a stunning piece that I am very happy to be the custodian of.